Leo Jiang

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer


Hi! I'm currently working as a remote software engineer at Lime, a startup in San Francisco. I recently graduated from the University of Waterloo.

My primary hobby is coding. I've been coding for over 10 years. I started by modifying video games, then moved on to making websites and apps. I'm currently working on machine learning algorithmic trading bots for cryptocurrencies. I also enjoy playing board games and video games; traveling; learning about philosophy, psychology, and science; and learning about other people's perspectives on life.



Remote Software Engineer

Working on web features across teams: admin dashboard for operators and customer support, mobile webview experiment platform, experiment analysis dashboard. Also wrote revenue prediction machine learning model for scooter deployments.

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Computer Science, Psychology Minor

Dean's Honors List, President's Scholarship.



Machine Learning Intern, SEO Team

Trained a model to classify whether search terms are "appropriate" as Pinterest topics.

Created SEO experiments such as re-ranking Pin descriptions and leveraging Pin buttons for backlinks.



Front-End Intern, Content Creation Team

Allowed users to save drafts on web.

Decreased perceived wait time for uploading media.


Software Engineering Intern, Chrome Metrics Team

Wrote a tool to find unused logging in Chrome's source code and automatically remove them.

Built visualizations of high-dimensional Chrome usage data.



Software Engineering Intern, Online Store Team

Helped build an online marketplace for Square's merchants.


Online Tools

2019 - current

A set of tools to earn passive income.

Crypto Trading Bots

2017 - current

Experimenting with various trading strategies, such as exploiting buy walls, creating social signals, or looking for active market manipulation.


2012 - 2016 (shut down)

OmniFeed removes the clutter from your news feed to make it easier to find the news you care about.


2010 - 2012 (shut down)

Linksku allows users to share and discover links to the most popular sites and articles on the Internet.

Connect With Leo

No Github?

I prefer to write proprietary code for passive income or potential startups. Check out my Stack Overflow profile to see samples of my code.