Leo Jiang's Projects


Created on 2010-05-10

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Since 2010

Waterloo Drop-In

Created on 2015-05-08

Find classes to drop-in to at UWaterloo based on time and location.


Created on 2014-06-01

Find other university students to carpool with.

Levenshtein Demo

Created on 2015-05-04

Visualization of the Levenshtein edit distance algorithm.

For Programmers

Material Design Animations

Created on 2015-03-15

A demo of material design animations using jQuery.

Source-less HTML

Created on 2015-03-09

A web page without any HTML? How is that possible?

For Programmers

Imgur Subreddit Viewer

Created on 2015-03-16

View images on Imgur from your choice of subreddits.

Nim Game

Created on 2015-05-05

A demo of game theory using the classic nim game.



Created on 2015-02-15

Helps color-deficient people by adjusting the color spectrum.

3rd place @ DeltaHacks

Mic Gesture Control

Created on 2015-03-10

Using Doppler shifted sound waves to detect motion.


Website to 3D

Created on 2015-03-11

Flip and rotate any website in 3D!

CSS vs JS Animations

Created on 2015-03-12

Which is faster for web animations, CSS3 or raw Javascript?

For Programmers

CSS Corner Ribbons

Created on 2015-03-12

Generate CSS ribbons that fit its container perfectly.

For Programmers


Created on 2015-03-18

Classical OOP in Javascript with protected, static, and final.

For Programmers