Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate how much profits you can earn from your investments with compounding interest. Compound interest means your earnings are reinvested. This allows your investments to grow exponentially.

A common way that people use compounding interest is for retirement planning. You contribute towards an investment until you retire, then you stop investing. Both before and after you stop contributing, the investment's interest compounds. If you earn enough interest, your investment can continue to grow even as you withdraw money in retirement.

Initial Investment

The amount you already have invested or are planning to invest as a lump sum.

Investment Duration

How long you plan on holding the investment.

Interest Rate

The average rate of return for your investment.

Periodic Contributions

The amount you plan on adding to or removing from your investment regularly.

Stop Contributing After

Stop investing more money after this many years, but continue accruing interest.

Investment value after compounding: $0